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Mary Kay Moran-Kidwell, MKM Creations

Mary Kay Moran-Kidwell, MKM Creations

Why do I crochet?  I could be writing, painting, drawing, making paper, collages, mosaics…, why crochet?

Crochet is tactile & textural, fibrous (from thread to bulky yarn to jute, even strips from t-shirts).  I like – no, I need – to include these & more in my repertoire.  To feel the texture of soft fibers slipping through my fingers; to experiment with color; to alter existing patterns into a design of my own.  Each item needs to be unique, and I’m “hooked”!

Joining loops of yarn together satisfies those needs and results in wearable art.  Ponytail/messy bun hats are all the rage, and I hear that giant extreme scarves are the next trend!

I started crocheting when my five children were young, mostly to maintain sanity and to have a hobby that could be done while sitting on bleachers or in a rocking chair.  Now that they are independent, I crochet as MKM Creations; with occasional timeouts for writing, painting, drawing, crafting; whatever demands my attention and fulfills my need to create.


Patty Mason, Author

Patty Mason is a wife and mother who found hope and healing when Jesus reached into her well of depression and set her free. From her painful past, God created Liberty in Christ Ministries, and taught her how to use the power of His word to teach, mentor, and inspire women of all ages.

Through donations and book proceeds, Liberty in Christ Ministries has donated hundreds of books to various recovery programs, halfway houses, counselor offices, and mentoring programs.

Patty resides with her family in Franklin, TN.

Patty Mason, Author
Steve Dodge, Oils

Steve Dodge, Oils

“Except for raising a family, painting is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I find it
extremely difficult to make a statement that summarizes why I paint, but all I know is that
whenever I paint, everything else stops, & I lose myself in the painting process. I want
people who see my work to somehow share in that feeling.”
Some may find this strange, but I actually try not to refer to myself as an “artist” because
when I look at the master painters of yesterday, as well as modern masters, I have a very
long way to go to earn the title of “artist”. I hope to always strive to achieve that status,
but until then I will be just a “painter” who is trying to be the best he can be.
My informal art training began years ago when my Dad would take me out to sketch in
northern Indiana. Those early times instilled in me a love for painting & nature. Painting
was put on the back burner while I pursued a formal education in graphic design &
illustration in Colorado. After four decades of creating award winning communications for
a variety of business sectors, I concluded that it was time to return to my roots in painting.
Today my work is in collections from Maine to Colorado & has been shown, sold, &
garnered awards in competitive exhibitions: Indiana, Colorado, Texas & California.
As part of my continuing education, I look at a lot of paintings & I would have to say that I
am influenced somehow by just about everything I see. Some of it is positive & some of it
is negative, but all of it helps me to define my direction.
I invite you to join me in the journey.

Rick Wilson, Oils

“When painting, my objective is to achieve a look that pays homage to the historic masters that paved the way for future artists.  The periods that influence me most are 18th & 19th century Dutch, Barbizon School, Hudson River School, American Impressionist & Tonalists.  I try & include elements of each period, as the painting dictates, to create both a technically & aesthetically interesting piece.  I tend to paint in a lower value scale as it allow me to be much more dramatic with light.  My use of color is limited so as to unify the painting & achieve a more tonal quality.”

Rick was born in 1955 in Edinburgh, Indiana & discovered very early he had an interest in art.  After high school, Rick entered the work force, working 29 years in the architectural aluminum industry & pursuing art at a hobby level.  Upon retirement in 2003, Rick made the fine art his new vocation & sought instruction from Indiana artists Ronald Mack & C.W. Mundy, as well as art business workshops with Bill Bush of the Fredericksburg Artists School.  As a professional artist, Rick has honed his skills through workshops & many years of practice & has developed into a very collectable artist.

He still enters his works in juried competitions & has won numerous awards including “Best of Show”.  His works are included in many private & corporate collections across the country.  Included among his corporate collectors are:

Plein Air Magazine, Indiana Governor’s Permanent Collection, Aisin Holdings Corporation of N.A., Hendricks Regional Health, One America, Johnson County-Indiana Museum of History, Town of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Public Library

Rick  Wilson, Oils
Raymond Armstrong, Fibre Artist/Author

Raymond Armstrong, Fibre Artist/Author

Raymond is a native born Hoosier interested in landscape painting & photography, rigid heddle loom weaving & creative writing. He occasionally portrays Mark Twain in short programs. Some of Ray’s favorite authors are Mark Twain, Rick Bragg, David Sedaris, Robert Capon, James Thurber, E.B. White & David McCullough. Ray has been pursuing oil painting, weaving & writing for the past decade.

Raymond, a retired pastor, & his wife Deena, a retired Speech/Language Pathologist, live in Richmond and are members of First English Lutheran Church  where Ray occasionally preaches & teaches.  They have four grown children & six grandchildren, all of whom live beyond Richmond. Several of Ray’s paintings hang in their homes, and many of his weavings lie on their tables or warm their necks in winter.

Ray considers himself to be a learner, enjoying the processes of the arts & the discoveries of life’s joys.

Cathy Claycomb, Non-Traditional Stained Glass / Designer

As a glass/mixed media artist, my foremost interest is the exploration of nontraditional and one-of-a-kind materials and the development of the engineering necessary to push the boundaries of their use.

The integrity of fabrication despite my nontraditional techniques is by far the most interesting facet of my work. I am fascinated with the problem solving aspects of those materials within my vision.

Uniqueness of design and the possibilities and challenges of future work as I attempt to develop the next signature technique will hopefully allow my ever changing work to maintain a no holds barred freshness in a medium that normally relies on square or round perimeters.

As can hopefully be seen in the images of my work, past clients have requested a unique look: one different than seen before and one that will become their own. They have come to expect that additional commissions require infusion of new disciplines, resulting in a “fingerprint” as unique as their new endeavors.

Cathy Claycomb, Non-Traditional Stained Glass / Designer
Denice Solden, Book Art

Denice Solden, Book Art

Born and raised in Southern California, I grew up watching my mom never having idle hands. She was always exploring different arts & crafts to share with friends & family.

So as I transition into a less crazy schedule, I too have tried crocheting, painting & other expressions of art, but have found book folding to be the most relaxing yet challenging.
Folding books is my newest art expression as I continue to find more & more techniques to try & master. Books can be used in celebrations of birth-days, marriages, anniversaries & just because. By using meaningful words & dates, each book becomes unique to the buyer.

It is such a joy to fold a book knowing it has been selected special for the recipient & has special meaning to share for years to come.


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