Mary Kay Moran-Kidwell, MKM Creations

Why do I crochet?  I could be writing, painting, drawing, making paper, collages, mosaics…, why crochet?

Crochet is tactile & textural, fibrous (from thread to bulky yarn to jute, even strips from t-shirts).  I like – no, I need – to include these & more in my repertoire.  To feel the texture of soft fibers slipping through my fingers; to experiment with color; to alter existing patterns into a design of my own.  Each item needs to be unique, and I’m “hooked”!

Joining loops of yarn together satisfies those needs and results in wearable art.  Ponytail/messy bun hats are all the rage, and I hear that giant extreme scarves are the next trend!

I started crocheting when my five children were young, mostly to maintain sanity and to have a hobby that could be done while sitting on bleachers or in a rocking chair.  Now that they are independent, I crochet as MKM Creations; with occasional timeouts for writing, painting, drawing, crafting; whatever demands my attention and fulfills my need to create.


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