J.D. Wayne, Oils

“Meet the Artist” ~ Wednesdays 10:00-2:00

About the artist . . . J D Wayne

After a 25 year career in local industry, JD happened upon his next adventure in the world of art. After registering in a Bob Ross class, a whole new world was discovered. JD became an instructor and began sharing his enthusiasm with others. His entry into the world of art instruction soon hit the fast track as he became the host of “JD’s World of Art”, on local public access TV; and, he also appeared in the New York Times online magazine.

In addition, JD became known as “The Rock and Roll Painter” with his ability to start and finish a painting within the timeframe of one song.Being a Certified Bob Ross Instructor and a Wilson Bickford Trained Teacher has allowed JD the opportunity to express his own creativity in his work of landscapes and seascapes.

He was challenged by a family member to paint a large sawmill blade, and quickly developed a passion for the dramatic visual that these unique canvases provide. Large sawmill blades, two-man crosscut saws and antique milk cans have now captured JD’s imagination for his own creative scenes.  Since that time, JD has broadened how he expresses his inspirations: canvas, vases, Ukranian ostrich eggs.  He has introduced more techniques into his art style including the Old World technique which he uses to preserve your beloved pets.  Scratchboard art is also available.


Written by Melinda Wilson

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